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The Apocryphal Emporium

Every so often I get together with some of my Discordian chums, and we sneak off for a “cabal meeting”, away from the prying eyes of our significant others (who think we’re all quite nuts), where we indulge in the drinking of wine, the eating of bunless hot-dogs, the exuberant Hailing of Eris, and the general planning of our contribution to Operation Mindfuck.

It’s silly and it’s fun and it exemplifies my take on Discordianism, Chaos Magick, and life in general (to wit; there is nothing forcing you to take any of this shit seriously).

For the inaugural meeting of The Esoteric Order of Discordian Gentlemen, we dressed like the Wizards we wanted to be (black tie and our finest accouterments) and when we met up, one of our number surprised us all with these little Hand of Eris badges he had made on his daughters “borrowed” badge making kit. They were truly splendid and added a brilliant touch to the occasion.

As awesome as they were, though, we got to discussing how it would be really great if we could get them made up in enamel; a proper little artifact suitable for the discerning Discordian Mage.

So, after much scheming and no small amount of procrastination, we did!

The Five Fingered Hand of Eris

Pretty, isn’t it?

Of course, you can’t just get a couple made; there is minimum orders and such like, but we figured that if we wanted them, surely there would be other Discordians and occultists out there who would too. To that end, we have put together a little shop.

The Apocryphal Emporium

Initially, a vehicle to offload the metric fuck-ton of badges we are now in possession of, but we are creative types and have a bunch of ideas we’d like to see realised, so expect to see new offerings from the forges of the E.O.D.G. very soon.

We hope you like them.

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