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A Magickal Universe

Once one begins upon a path of Magick, sooner or later one is bound to ask “But how can this be”? When they started, it could easily have been with an incredulous and skeptical mind. A go on a Ouija board at a sleep over, ordering a set of tarot cards from a book club news letter, a borrowed copy of Crowley from a school friend, or a chance encounter with a real, live witch.

As often as not, the new Mage doesn’t really believe that anything will happen, when they first cast a spell or throw some runes. The first successful demonstration of the occult is often as memorable and paradigm shifting as losing one’s virginity. One has taken one’s first steps into a wider world, and as the reality of that concept begins to dawn on them, they need to adjust their world view into one that includes Magick.

For me, that was the first -real- challenge in Magick. If one is going to take this seriously, one is going to need to believe that we are not just LARPing. I was an avid gamer, a lover of fantasy and sci-fi, a roleplayer, and not yet an adult. I lusted after a fantasy world, where magick was real and I had power, but I was wise enough, at least, to -know- that.

I didn’t start as a Chaos Mage and, so, the concept of Paradigm Shifting wasn’t yet known to me as a bona fide Magickal technique. When I started casting spells, I quickly realised that I needed some way to “believe” in the efficacy of what I was doing. I didn’t believe in the christian god that I grew up around, and while infinitely more appealing and interesting, the gods I was learning about, in the whitchy scheme of things, and the gods I was rediscovering, from myths and legends in the new books I was reading, none of them became the source of power and belief needed to bring Magick into my real world.

No, at the very core of my Magickal adventure has been the question of what sort of Universe do I live in that apparently supports all the “laws” of science, yet also seems to have some sort of real Magick in it. To replace the faith that the theists have, I needed a model of reality that explained such a universe, that I could “believe” in, in the same way I believed that when I lost control of my toast, it would fall and, in all likelihood, would land butter side down.

I was enough of a Chaos Mage, back then, to realise that I didn’t need to prove it to anyone for it to be effective enough for my purposes, but I did spend years putting my paradigm to the test with anyone who would let me, from theists to atheists, scientists to philosophers, occultists to skeptics. I don’t pretend for a moment that I won anybody over to my way of thinking, but it did let me assault my logic in some very interesting ways and weed out the more flakey ideas; wheat from chaff.

When I was recently given the opportunity to wax lyrical once again on my views about such things, it became quickly apparent that not only was there no way I was going to be able to give both a quick -and- accurate synopsis of my ‘Resting World View’, but that I couldn’t point at anything to explain it either. I still don’t expect it to convince anybody, but as a card in the Deck of Paradigmes, it could prove an interesting tool for a new Seeker to expand upon; and thus, I present it here.

Despite what they would claim, nobody really knows how it all began, where it all came from, where its’s all going, what it’s really made of, or what it all means. The Mage must start at the point of themselves, as the only thing they can prove to themselves as existing, and so I must conclude that I think, therefore I am. -I- am the center of -MY- universe. My story literally is the sum total of Reality as -I- will experience it. Regardless of any grand Truth of the universe, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck!

By every measure we have, if you look closely, everything in our observable universe is energy. At it’s very essence, -everything- is the same. The only thing that differentiates one state of matter from another, one mote of reality from any other, is the pattern. The frequency and resonance, the ebb and flow on the multitudinous axis’ of unfathomable dimensions.

It is very tricky indeed to get one’s head around the idea that this energy can be expressed on dimensions other than the four we typically perceive as the space-time continuum, just as the inhabitants of Flatland could not conceive of the concept of depth, but nevertheless, our science understands and describes our understanding of the universe in dimensions numbering anywhere between 11 and 23. Even the very fabric of the familiar dimensions with which we perceive the world we live in, space and time, are exceptionally mutable. Just take a quick look at General and Special Relativity!

What is interesting is that, at some level, energy exists on axis’ that aren’t time or space. The concept of separateness is an illusion cast by the fact that the physical human senses only operate in these dimensions. On some fundamental level, which we are not equipped to comprehend, ALL is ONE. ALL is connected to ALL. We do live in a holographic universe, where everything is connected to everything else in a manner that is beyond time and space. In a manner of speaking, every point in the universe, exists simultaneously in the same space though all of time. Every point in the universe functionally -contains- every other point, everywhere, ever.

Right off the bat you have a mechanism for Magick and Divination to operate. If you influence this bundle of atoms here, then you are literally altering reality across the board. If every state is, on some level, reflected by all things, then determining the past, future and/or distance, is just about applying the right set of filters, just as sure as one can filter out all but the red light from a beam of white.

We do this all the time in the dimensions we are aware of. We are able to predict a set of outcomes as a situation develops, and we see how we can manipulate the world according to our intention in physical space, with the right application of skill and effort. The vast majority of the time, we do this unconsciously… we will it, it happens. Driving a car is a perfect example of these processes.

And yet, our existence is a construct of consciousness. The world we -actually- inhabit is a dream created in our minds based upon the signals we believe we receive. Our minds frame all sorts of hypotheses about our reality and, from somewhere, we come to conclusions on how to act, and we send off the commands and then we wait and see what “happens”, all the while chatting incessantly to ourselves, holding conversations with…who? Certainly we are all familiar with the experience of ideas “jumping” into our heads unbidden. Maybe we are not alone in here… Maybe -we- aren’t in “here”!

Consciousness is undoubtedly the artist of our reality, observer and sculptor. Just as surely as one can exert one’s influence on to one’s limbs, one can can exert one’s intentions down the non space-time dimensions of one’s nervous system. There is no reason to think that if one can set a thought in motion on the physical plane, one couldn’t have equal sway on the non-physical. Everything starts with a thought, which leads to a vision of desire and a statement of intent, then a plan and one’s Will to see it done and, finally, action.

The briefest study of the mind is all that is necessary to see that what we are conscious of and what we are subconsciously aware of, are radically different things. Simply put, typically we filter out the vast majority of our input so as to focus only on what is important or pertinent to us at any given moment. Again, we don’t actually live in reality; we live in a dream that we construct for ourselves. It is straightforward to train oneself to focus on one thing over another. We can rewrite our filters to bring in to focus that which we are interested in. Again, we do this all the time. What is commonly called intuition is merely subconscious processing of the data to provide ephemeral hint’s as to what we should focus on.

All that is left now, then, is for the Mage to find some techniques with which to take control of Herself. It should be clear that these are as many and as varied as there are individuals. Each of us will have our own favorite ways. And that’s the exciting part. We are each free to play with whatever paradigm that serves us. We can all be different and all be right.

Nothing is “True”. Everything is permitted.

Respectable scientists would scoff at my abuse of their ideas. This is not a proper scientific theory. That does not mean we can’t explore and experiment on the boundaries of what is acceptable. If that flicks your switches, then I would direct you to a few tomes where these ideas are presented and explored by people with way more letters after their names than I.

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